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Uncontrollably funny! A combination of:hilarious AND hysterical.
That joke about your boss was HILARICAL!
by SScarlet December 15, 2007
Something that is both hilarious and hysterical, hence hilarical.
Tom: And then she crashed her car for a seventh time in one day.
Me: Oh shit, that's hilarical
by The Doughboy October 22, 2006
Slurringly exclaimed while under the influence, this adjective may used to describe someone who is both hilarious and hysterical

adjective; combination of {hysterical} {Hilarious}
Me: "That Timmy is so hilarical, he makes me wet my pants" (hic**)
Mikey: "Me too, hand me another adult sized pull-up" (burp)
by Bubbles04 January 19, 2009
combination of hilarious and hysterical; too funny
When I make funny faces at my 8 month old son, he laughs because he finds the whole thing hilarical.
by Andrea Alexopoulos April 11, 2007