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The act of simultaneously pooping and ejactulating. Term comes from the combination of the words jizz and feces. This usually happens when something is so exciting and/or arousing that it causes one to not only ejaculate, but also shit oneself. Fizzing can often be accompanied by loud outbursts, moaning, and hurried trips to the bathroom.
Jon: "Wow, did you see Ronaldo's goal last night?"
Bob: "Yeah, it was awesome. I saw it on Sportscenter and started fizzing."
by reddevil2345 June 17, 2009
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That early morning almighty pee, complimented with the perfect fart. Derived from the combination of the words farting and pissing.
You wake up just before your early morning alarm goes off, your bladder bursting after 12 hours of solid sleep. So you drag yourself out of bed and stumble through to the toilet. As you pee, ultimate relaxation pours from your body, and the only thing that can top off the feeling is letting go an almighty fart. Now you're fizzing!
by Rhymenoceros February 11, 2012
The sexual act of inserting an effervescent tablet up your Rectum
After a hard days grind at work Paul relaxed with a Fizzing and a hand shandy in front of the telly.
by Sid May 17, 2004
(v) to put a large amount of fresh out of the dispenser soda into your mouth and leave it in there until the acid eats away at your mouth and it gets numb

(n) the act of fizzing
Kelly: Do you want to come fizzing with me after school?
Katie: Absolutely!
Mary Kate: Why, yes. I would enjoy fizzing greatly. It's great fun.
by slanglastsforevermkp March 18, 2009
Popping a fizzy vitmain tablet up my botty and then letting the horses bolt all over my girlfriends face.
Danny popped the tablet up, whilst Katy waited in earnest for some gentleman's relish.
by Danny Jones May 28, 2004
This is the art of scooping the wizz fizz out of the packet without spillin any
holly was totally fizzing her wizz!!
by mel duns September 02, 2006

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