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2 definitions by userdan

The action of forcefully taking an object, and using it for own purpose.

Or in other words-Kicking the crap outta some weakilng, taking his shit, and fucking inside-out.

Word Family:Hijack-Hijack-Hijacker
He hijacked my car!

And in other news, a band of wild-western bandits just hijacked a 20 century train, now how fucked up is TAHT!?

To hijack a browser.
by userdan December 17, 2005
The past tense of Shit(Sh-It).
Often juctioned with a noun, or an adressing form of thereof.

Word family:Shit-Shit-Shit-Shitty
He shat his pants. You just shat yourself!
by userdan December 17, 2005