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A Hijacker could be defined as one who masturbates on a plane. This could also be considered as "sneaking into the mile high club."
Upon his return to the United States, the world traveler shares his experience of masturbating over the Atlantic Ocean. His only defense was "Who can't go 8 hours without choking it?" Phil rightfully names him the "Hijacker."
by MikeydaV May 17, 2006
n. Quafter
v. Quaffing
1. To laugh with a high pitch, which I actually happen to do. Sounds like a queef.
2. To suck in air when you laugh.
Quinn: I had a black friend once, then we sold him.
Mike: *begins quafter*
by MikeydaV April 04, 2006
Someone who is part asian and part black; i.e. Tiger Woods. Not to be confused with the halfrican that is a more general description of someone who is half black and half another race.
Who swings through trees but gets into accidents while driving?
The ching chang chimp of course.
Who benefits from being a minority while still being smart?
The ching chang chimp, no doubt.
Who steals your TV at night and then the next day comes by and says "I heard you got robbed?"
That's just a nigger.
by MikeydaV September 13, 2006
Usually shouted when swatting a frisbee out of the air or out of an opposing players hand during ultimate frisbee.
After yelling Swat team! I skillfully pwned the noob throwing the frisbee.
by MikeydaV May 20, 2006
Someone that has a lazy eye or some kind of stigmatism that makes one eye go off in another direction than the other eye. Hence, a chameleon.
Jeff was hit in the eye with a baseball early on in his life, turning him into a chameleon. At least he can look at porn and watch if his parents are coming in the driveway at the same time.
by MikeydaV May 20, 2006
A fight in which 2 or more Asians participate in a battle of whits. Usually happens when the parties involved have a dispute over their favorite pokemon or whether dragonball Z or Inuyasha are the better anime. The battle itself is fought with Ti-89 calculators and complex fractions.
Asian #1: Charmander is the best pokemon ever!
Asian #2: Squirttle would kick Charmander's ass, as his weakness is water, and I know this because I am Asian.
People walking in halls: Asian Fight!
by MikeydaV May 20, 2006

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