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Shoes that are higher than your ankle that can be worn with a strap. Made for when you play basketball so you won't get your ankles broken but you can also were them for any occassion now.
Gurl, you saw D.J's new Louis Vuitton high tops. I want those in black.
by This Chick U Can't Mess Wit January 13, 2006
Any basketball type shoe made high enough to protect the ankle, but usually nowadays refer to Chuck Taylors, by Converse.
Usually have no traction whatsoever.
Trendy Kid: "Hey look at my high tops!"
Me: "You got black ones... Jesus christ, man, get some other color."

Thug: "Yo, look at ma Reeboks!"
Me: "Sick, dawg."
by Artifishalfish January 18, 2007
rims that are in excess of 22"
Jamal got them high tops nigga!
by big money pimpin to the max April 04, 2005