1. Upward in altitude. Located toward the observer's zenith.

2. Upward in geographic elevation.
3. Shorter term for High School.

4. The type of Lander in which there can only be one.

5. Most importantly and commonly used as an adjective to indicate that a person is under the influence of a controlled substance. It can be applied to any drug as long as it is not commonly supplied for recreational use. For something to be a drug, it has to be a chemical with an active effect on the body without being a nutrient, vitamin or mineral. So one can get high on fumes, medications, plant chemicals like THC, Fungal toxins found in mushrooms, synthetic chemicals like LSD, fermented waste materials, and animal biochemicals like adrenogland secretions. Please note that nicotine and alcohol use are not indicated by the word "high." For alcohol, the word used is "drunk" and for nicotine, the effect is so mild, it is almost never referred to at all.

6. Most of the time, "high" is used for being under the influence of Tetrahydrocannibinol, more commonly known as Marijuana or pot. For clarity, most speakers will indicate what drug is being used by adding the word "on" followed by the drugs name.

Side note: The reason why this definition is so long, is because I am high on an amphetamine derivative prescribed by a shady doctor.
1. That hot air balloon is so high.

2. Snow can usually be found high in the mountains.
3. I went to Marina High. Now I have aids.

4. There can only be one Highlander.

5. Straight guys will suck you off if you get them high first.

6. Prima: "Dude, are you high? You said you were out of pot."

Secunda: "I AM out of pot, so I got high on cough syrup."
by wakkadoodooo June 25, 2012
How high you get depends on how often you smoke, how much you smoke and what type of weed you smoke. Let me rephrase that, you don't have to smoke weed to get high; You can take acid, mushrooms, ecstasy, coke, xanax, robitussin, or an assortment of pills and many other drugs. Your tolerance depends on how often you do whatever you do to get high. Being high is just some sort of alteration on reality. But then again, who really knows what reality is?
As I stared at the opening of the cave I exhaled my hit and watched the ceiling start to glow bright orange; I was definitely high something.
by LaOcViEd April 27, 2011

The only time one is actually free from all the turmoil and nonsense of the world and is able to appreciate what the world truly has to offer.
I wanna get high
by onthemissiontomars January 24, 2011
The #1 feeling in the world. Its better then getting drunk or having a orgasm. Its...the shit. There's no way to describe it, its a different experience for everyone. Its always way more fun to get blazed with a few friends then it is to alone. I'll always get more paranoid when i'm alone, ill talk in a whisper and say "fuck" alot. Unlike alot of other people i dont get the munchies, i get mad thirsty. I also have the ability to Fast Walk. I can close my eyes, and imagine accelerating to light speed when I need to walk somewhere fast. And even though its fun to get baked and chill on the couch, doing everyday things or even just getting outside and doing shit is like 10x more awesome. Its sketchy as fuck trying to talk to people who arent high when you are. You not only hear music, but see it as well.
Person 1: Hey I have a dime of headies, wanna get mega high?
Person 2: Hell yah bro!
*smokes weed*
Person 2: Now lets snort some crack!
Person 1: Crazy ass bitch. *shoots person 2 out of pity*
by BallinBiznatch July 28, 2010
High is like floating on candyfloss...
High is like laughing at your wall...
High is like being plastered to a giant bubble gum...
High is like inhaling a comedian...
High is like youve been in a coma for years...
High is like youve just been reborn...
High is like sex but ten times better...
High is like the air is actually helium...

High is just...well...what you want it to be
Biff Wellington: "Yo Dude what does high feel like to you?"

Willie Stroker: "Well i think high is like being...??"

by PriceyNochhh July 13, 2010
Being high, ahhh I love it. But what is it like you ask? Good question; but first I would like to take the time to tell you (ohhh alliteration to the max) all that Ren and Stimpy is possibly the greatest animated show of the 20th century, but that’s neither here nor there... Being high is a state of mind. Your troubles just fizzle away, you know – i mean i basically got caught by my parents with a bong in my hand – i mean you try and come up with a good excuse when your caught holding a massive bong in your right hand “Oh!, umm i was just holding it for Ted” Tedd: “Fuck that its mine!”. But yea I’m really getting off topic here, to be high is to just float away to a happy place where everything is funny and everything tastes good!! (I’m offcourse referring to muchines for the noobs out there). {Helpful hint #1}: Pancakes taste like that of gods...so yea they taste AMAAAZZING high. Anywho here are some activities I HIGHLY recommend (Pun count:1) you doing: Playing frizbee, playing multiplayer Nintendo console game – preferably Smash Bros. on GameCube, watch American Dad – trust me, you’ll thank me, listen to oldskizzle records (i rekomend The Beatles and Pink Flyod (no...not at the same time retard), bush walking, going to the beach and you must finally play an instrument, bass is the only way, you could BASSically say its the most important instrument in any band (Pun count:2)(Horrible pun count:1). But yea I hope you all enjoyed my ramblings, because as the old saying goes: “I hope you had as much fun reading it, as I did writing it.” Or I could of just made that up...
high, stoned
by the douche across the street July 14, 2008
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