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a very awesome person. this name should only be used for awesome Jesus
My friend, J-dawg, raps the ghettoest raps ever!!!!!!
by 1luv4me October 16, 2009
Used to represent someones name that starts with a J.
Hey man, Sup J Dawg. WHATZ UP?
by pvt. private October 27, 2007
Someone with the first letter of their name starting with a "J"
What the fuck is up Jdawg?
by John Jacob March 22, 2003
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Oh for the love of J-Dawg...
by bl0b June 15, 2010
A cretinous child, given a nickname due to the firstname beginning with "j" e.g.john,james,jason,justin, the j-dawg is usually a snivelling cretin with much abuse directed there way.
" J-Dawg you smell of shit"
"J-Dawg no one likes you"
"Hit J-Dawg with the soap not me"

J-Dawg : "Can I lick your armpit"
Random Guy: "Fuck no J-Dawg you sick cunt"
by Ronald Lawrence June 07, 2006

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