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derived from smoke
Lets smiz the bud
by Anonymous February 25, 2003
is a girl who does anything to a boy any time and anywhere and doesn't care if anybody watches and lets the boy do anything to her
Yo that girl stacey is a straight "smiz" for letting five boys run a train on her at the party .
by Minney May 21, 2008
A nasty girl who is willing to have sex with anything that has a penis , a girl that gives a lot of guys head , or anything in that category

- your basic school slut .

VERY similar to a "smut" , btw.
"yooo ! I just found out that Brianna had sex with the guys on the football team and gave head to the WHOLE basketball team ! "
"ohhh shxtt ! She's a dirty ass Smiz !
by buhhbiee May 16, 2011
word for cigarette derived from smoke, then to smizzo then to smiz.
can I bum a smiz?
by sierra marie February 20, 2009
A Top Level Cal-Invite Cs player Known for his AWP
sMiz takes down 2 with the awp on cat
by shad023 September 05, 2006
To take a little bit from and to not give back; to steal small amounts with the owner knowing so
"Yo, can I smiz some crackers off you?"
by Oakey December 07, 2005