the wonderful problem solving art of getting real fucked up on cocaine, shrooms, or robitussin does real well too
I like to hallucinate
by I hate fakes August 04, 2003
A word that describes what you feel like after using a Bong or the pipe or even weed. The best place to go is calafornia.
Fred: Dude you should have gone to that party
Joe: Why?
Fred: Cause we got so high after the party!
by Dillweed24 April 20, 2011
An altered state of conciousness resulting from the ingestion of various substances. Also, shit that is taller than you and you have to look up to see it (like a kite).
Whoa dude! I'm high as a fucking kite!
by numerator May 02, 2005
A high can be achieved from many different drugs/substances or activities (sleep deprivation). It is a state in which your thoughts, behavior, physical and mental feelings are altered. Technically being drunk is being "high on alcohol.
Jimmy was so high on codeine he fell asleep while standing.

Jimmy was sooo high from staying awake for three days that he started hallucinating and giggling at the sound of his own voice.
by The Wuz May 02, 2016
High is a word to describe a person under the effect of drugs. It it commonly used on the internet as an insult to someone who is acting stupid, or said randomly as a joke.
That guy is so high.

1 + 1 is not 11. Are you high?
by Yosafire October 14, 2014
when u will sit or lay in one spot for like an hour, i cant think straight so i just stare and stuff, laugh, eat, or complain about no food.

best felling ever smoke bud
me: oh my god, give me food
?: dude, here
hands me a bologna slice and some chocolate syrup and i eat it.
me: this is like sex.
?: i know
i continue to eat corn flakes(5 bowls) with stawberry milk and banana slices in it. high
? eats like i dont know how many ramen packets
me: i love you, this is soooo good
by pothead1234567890 April 24, 2009
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