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in B-town or bricktucky, as some call it, yes we boast our wonderous drinking skills whether they be beer pong or beer bongs; however, i would just like to point out the correct way to pronounce words when you are residing in this welcoming atmosphere. First off, we do not have "wuuder" here, it is either waata or waa-ter. when you get ice cream you get sprinkles on top, not jimmies. when we do happen to go to quizznos subway or jersey mikes (as an alternative to those wawa wendys and diner trips) we get a sub, short for submarine sandwich, not a hoaaagie. (who says that?). we don't drink melk and don't sleep on pellos, and we don't go to mooovies. our words aren't drawn out real long or shortened to ebonic style lingo with made up words that others don't understand, and we sure as hell can understand eachother, even when we mumble or talk in our "jersey" accents.
and in my personal opinion, when i'm not here it's not the shore or the beach, it's just "home" .
"i can't wait to go home to Bricktown."
by klt December 16, 2005
Marijuana or a medicinal plant used for soothing cuts and abrasions.
Kent is smookin th herb again.
by KLT November 07, 2002
The lance that is drenched in Christ's blood that is able to smite anything.
The Lance of Longinus!
by KLT November 07, 2002
(i)Japanese for Pervert.
(ii) Cartoon porn were various parts of the human anatomy are over-exagerated and of anime or cartoon origin.
Wow did you see the dick girl section of the new hentai site.
by KLT October 28, 2002

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