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a massive woman who likes crusty men and has a thing for big chocolate men. Also shes abnormally tall and does karate.
WOAH! did you see that herald!? i thought i was going to die of laughter!
by thomas herald February 01, 2009
A chill guy who is really tall, has a future in basketball, and helps out his friends.
Bruh Herald hit that buzzer beater
by kornonthekob1 July 12, 2016
A herald is a the particularly smelly fart that immediately precedes a bowel movement. Unlike normal "fuck it, I'm alone and my stomach hurts" farts that may yield oderiferous clues as to one's eating habits over the last 12 hours, the herald smells distinctly of nothing but human poop.
By the smell of that herald, I'd say you better hit the shitter.
by loobeydoobey August 28, 2016
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