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A "Doc Holliday Cough" is the unsettling, abrupt and ill-sounding cough produced by an ostensibly healthy individual. Doc Holliday, the sharp shooting associate of Dodge City lawman Wyatt Earp, was known to have terminal tuberculosis and in film is often portrayed as being wracked by fits of coughing.

A "Doc Holliday Cough" is a cough that, without any other evidence or observation, imparts a sense of illness or poor health.
The girl who sat next to me on the bus had a Doc Holliday cough so I made sure to wash my hands a lot and change my clothes when I got home.
by loobeydoobey March 22, 2010
Pocket panic is the phenomenon of losing track of the whereabouts of some important item you carry on your person. Wallets, cash, identification, keys and cell phones are the items most likely to be misplaced and trigger an episode fo pocket panic.
After I got to my seat on the airplane, I had pocket panic because I couldn't find my keys, but my wife found them under my seat. They'd fallen out of my hip pocket.
by loobeydoobey February 08, 2010
A herald is a the particularly smelly fart that immediately precedes a bowel movement. Unlike normal "fuck it, I'm alone and my stomach hurts" farts that may yield oderiferous clues as to one's eating habits over the last 12 hours, the herald smells distinctly of nothing but human poop.
By the smell of that herald, I'd say you better hit the shitter.
by loobeydoobey August 28, 2016
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