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The inadvertent actualizing of a metaphor.
Saying "those dialysis machine really take it out of you" is a coplete hensonism.

Other hensonisms:

CNN captioned its story about the tsunami as “Braking News”

I was watching "The Universe" on TV. An astronomer and a geologist where talking about how the Moon is thought to be geologically inert and one said, “if they found volcanic activity on the Moon it would be ground braking.”

“It wasn’t the career I wanted but being a waitress allowed me to put food on the table”

“I forgot one key thing” Said referring to the forgotten car keys.

General Norman Schwarzkopf was being interviewed by a television anchor woman and when he was unwilling to make a precise response she said “what do you think, generally speaking.”
by Gwendalin 568 June 02, 2010
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