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A slang use for the word “lover".

Refers to ones imaginary lover or used to imply a person is your “lover” in a humorous manner.
Talking about your boss:

"What did your luva want a meeting for"

"Your luva called for you"

"What's the deal with your luva?"
by Rinda August 16, 2006
bootylicious, CRAZYYY, wild child, rarest of its kind,
MANN. I THINK THATS THE RARE Lu'VA over there! looking MIGHTY fine if i do say so myself.
by Moira Bo-Boira June 18, 2008
short for lumpy upper vaginal area, also known as a uterus belly or cunt gut
Person 1: Damn look at the bus driver, she's got a luva!
by Slade32 April 29, 2008
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