a person who is retarded

another form of the word is helmet or helmets plural!
My friends are such helmetheads.

You guys are being such helmets.

dannanananananaBATMAN'S A HELMET!
Top Definition
A hair doo made after wearing a helmet. Similar to bed head but usually messier.
You see that bikers hair style, it's genuwine Helmet Head.
by Soldier4Higher January 16, 2007
A Helmet Head is the pink tip of a males dick, which is shaped like a little pink helmet for the penis.
Guy: Dude! My Helmet head hurts so much! I banged that chick wayyyy too hard last night!
by Retwiler January 01, 2010
male who has been circumsized
if your not a helmet head she wont suck it
by ballzz March 24, 2003
A hair cut that forms a perfect "helmet" shape around the head itself. Many times this can be accomplished by a horrible haircut and lack of caring in the morning tossed with a side of being a boner. This non-trendy look is usually seen on people with the name "Mike".
"Man, Mike walked in this morning with some crazy helmet head! Die it pink and he'd look like a penis!!"
by TweederBSU November 14, 2007
A sexy fat voluptuous young woman who has a helmet for a head who are intellectually far superior than most geeks and have the ability to attract any dweeb towards them.
I heard he is in love with this chick from his Math tutorials , but dude she is a total Helmet Head.
by Thenoogmegzator1337 April 28, 2011
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