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A pile of dried puke on the pavement or street most likely to be found in a town centre on a sunday morning. Usually consisting of recycled beer and kebabs. May also contain yak pips.
I couldn't believe it, the tramp was actually tucking into the 'street pizza'!
by mtotheo November 07, 2003
A Penis.
My Flange Cannon was on FIRE last night. My girlfriend loved it. 'Can I get a RE-EE-LOAD!
by mtotheo December 15, 2003
Anal muff moles can usually be found amongst the unkempt pubic foliage of vagrants’ anal nether regions. They are smaller than the common mole and their diet consists almost entirely of dingleberries and trouser turf.
'When we turned the body of the tramp over, seven 'anal muff moles' came scurrying out of his trousers.'
by mtotheo February 01, 2005
The small carrot-like lumps that always accompany and good hefty 'street pizza' (vomit).
"bluuuuerrgh"......."NO I didn't eat fucking carrots! It's only my yak pips!"....."bluuuuerrgh"
by mtotheo November 07, 2003
A dark coppery dry turd, usually a result of lack of vegetables in ones diet.
"Cor Blimey Luv, haven't been for a week! I need to go park a Rusty Sub!"
by mtotheo November 05, 2003
A mental handicapped person (or window licker ). They wear bright luminous crash helmets so they are easily recognisable and do not stray too far from their spaz wagon. Helmet also helps in event of multiple spasms, fits or collisions with lamp posts.
"Hey Johnny, look at those helmet heads chasing the ducks."
by mtotheo November 07, 2003

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