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When telling a story to friends, you realize that the story you are telling isn't as cool as you thought it was when you first started, and decide to edit it with exaggerations or lies to make it sound more interesting.
So i heard Lexi told Cassandra that she didn't like her anymore and thats why they aren't talking ... spicey edit ... and also because she slept with her boyfriend.
by browntrousers February 21, 2009
When a female is on her period, her period blood soaks through her pants and leaves a pink, or red, mark on the seat she was sitting in.
Guy 1: So dude, did you ask her out yet?

Guy 2: Nah, i saw that she left a pink seat when she got up to turn her homework in during class, and it was a total turn-off.
by browntrousers February 21, 2009
A roll of fat that spills over the top of one's pants.
Ew! Is it me, or did Mary get a heck of a muffin top? I can't even see the the zipper of her pants!
by browntrousers February 21, 2009
When someone new to YouTube finds videos that are very famous and commonly known among experienced YouTubers, they think no one else have seen the video, and send/talk about it to everyone they know.
Friend 1: Dude! I just saw this HILARIOUS video! It's called "Chocolate Rain"! I dont know if you've ever seen it before, but you should totally check it out!

Friend 2: Are you serious man? That video has over 36 million views. Everyone has seen that video already. Man, your a TubeNoob.

by browntrousers April 27, 2009
Other than the character in Star Wars played by Harrison Ford, it could also mean a secretive way to explain masturbation.
Dude i Han Soloed all of last night.
by browntrousers February 21, 2009
When soldiers out at war have nothing better to do.
Hey, if you promise not to tell my wife, I'll give you nice helmet head!
by browntrousers February 21, 2009
When your too tired to get up, you have your wife bring it to you in bed. For example, breakfast in bed, only much more awesome to wake up to.
Dude, this morning, i just woke up and found Mary giving me bed head!
by browntrousers February 21, 2009
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