(verb): To insert one's head into a sex partner's anus, as if wearing them like a helmet. Requires surgical removal of the receiver's sphincter.
Bob was not happy to learn he would have to wear adult diapers for the rest of his life following the procedure that would allow Janice to helmet him.
by C. U. Farley May 22, 2008
To play the game of Helmet means to touch everything with the tip of your penis. i.e. - to go up to your friend's toothbrush and rub your penis tip on it. Gross? Yes. Amusing? Not really.
Wanna go for a game of helmet around the house?
by don_jaun_dela_nooch_cw August 25, 2003
   hell-meht noun
A means to describe someone's intelligence referring to a mentally unstable person. One who wears a helmet to protect them from injuring themselves because they cannot function for on their own. Can also be known as slang.

A-"I heard Greg got a 39% on that test last class"
B-"What a helmet!"

A-"Hey you f***ing helmet"
by Ayy Fawn September 28, 2011
A derivative of "idiot" or "pratt", Helmet fuses the semantics of the end of a man's penis and the un-cool nature of the common bicycle helmet. It is most commonly used in a jovial manner when laughing at a friend or aqcuaintance with another friend.

It can also be used to describe a person who is not a friend, who has committed an action upon those in the circle of friends which had malicious or vengeful intent, but ended up being a source of laughter to those inside of the circle of friends.
" You heard that Shaun is away this weekend seeing that minger from Blackpool ?! "

" Haha is he?! What a Helmet! "

" Did you see that lad come to push me away from that girl he was trying to pull and then slipped on the dancefloor?! "

" Yeh! What a Helmet! "
by dictomoondag March 14, 2011
Another way to call someone stupid.
Person #1: See that guy who ran into that door?

Person #2: Yea what a helmet
by Mista Foldgers May 26, 2009
a words used for condom
On your way here can you pick up some helmets
by datbaedoe December 15, 2013
A derogatory term for a girl that likes to give head.

Originated in Franklin, MA in the 80's.
"that chick Jodi loves to suck cock. She's such a little helmet."
by Abar42 October 11, 2015

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