A fairly decent Groove metal band started in the New York City underground music scene in 1989. Fronted by lead guitarist and vocalist Page Hamilton. Original members include Henry Bogdan on bass, John Stanier on drums, and Peter Mengede on rhythm guitar. Broke up in 1998 but reformed in 2003 with new members.

Well, yes...I like the original Helmet; but not the watered down, newly reformed so called "Helmet" that plays crappy Alternative rock instead of Heavy metal.
by metal fanatic June 06, 2007
The tip of a circumsises penis. More specifically, any male individual who behaves like one, especially one who acts in an aggressive manner.

"John's always flexing his muscles and trying to start fights. The guy's a real helmet."
by Atlas2 September 17, 2008
A Helmet or a Helm is a total 100% dumbass who has no idea what he is talking about or doing
Dude WTF are you doing? You are such a Helmet
by hartferd August 08, 2010
A name given to a circumcised guy's penis. Or simply just a name given to a guy who has a circumcised penis. Used as the opposite of sock, i.e. an uncircumcised guy's penis.

This of course came about due to the obvious visual differences, i.e. a circumcised penis could appear to be wearing a helmet, whereas the extra skin on an uncircumcised penis kinda looks like a sock.
Curious Dude: "Hey man, question. Are you a helmet or a sock?"

Jewish Dude: "Holy crap, man, for the last time: I'm Jewish! Think about it."

Curious/Confused Dude: "What the hell, man? What's Judaism got to do with your package?"

Exasperated/Jewish Dude: "Oy!"
by Yorko February 26, 2008
The first meaning is another name for the head of the penis. Due to the similarity of shape and positioning on the end of the penis.

However you can also call someone a 'helmet'. You would use this if they are acting like a total idiot by saying or doing ridiculous things.
"we fucked all night, and now my helmet is red raw!"

"I'm sick of him always pulling his balls out in front of everyone when he's drunk- he acts like a total helmet!"
by Eminence of vulgarity June 08, 2012
A derivative of "idiot" or "pratt", Helmet fuses the semantics of the end of a man's penis and the un-cool nature of the common bicycle helmet. It is most commonly used in a jovial manner when laughing at a friend or aqcuaintance with another friend.

It can also be used to describe a person who is not a friend, who has committed an action upon those in the circle of friends which had malicious or vengeful intent, but ended up being a source of laughter to those inside of the circle of friends.
" You heard that Shaun is away this weekend seeing that minger from Blackpool ?! "

" Haha is he?! What a Helmet! "

" Did you see that lad come to push me away from that girl he was trying to pull and then slipped on the dancefloor?! "

" Yeh! What a Helmet! "
by dictomoondag March 14, 2011
Another way to call someone stupid.
Person #1: See that guy who ran into that door?

Person #2: Yea what a helmet
by Mista Foldgers May 26, 2009

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