A device worn by special people like you.
Now now, Remugsum and Michael, remember your helmets, and make sure to catch the short bus!
by IXAM May 27, 2008
A heavy metal band. They used to rock, but now they suck.

Haven't you all noticed that they sound different? Page Hamilton sings different, too. They sound like poppy mainstream crap now. They don't even sound metal anymore. It's not even Helmet without Henry Bogdan, Peter Mengede and John Stanier. Mr. Hamilton should just retire.
Helmet used to be a good band in the early 90's. But not anymore!
by a former HELMET fan September 23, 2007
the head of a penis also used to refer to those who are considered dorks, losers, nerds, or simply those who never get tail
Man, that dude's such a f****n helmet!
by giblets January 13, 2004
Used to describe sex and sexual activity in a generic way.

"I need to get some helmet"

"that guy is giving her some helmet"

"I can't believe that guy is getting so much helmet, he's nearly getting yards
by wazgilbert May 04, 2008
to give head to a man
she gave me helmet on the first day she knew how to blow instruments in a good way
by Niceemcee January 19, 2004
something Ben Roethlisberger needs to wear
As a Steeler fan, I'm breathing a sigh of relief to know that Ben is ok, but if he would have worn a damn helmet, he wouldn't have so many facial injuries
by Ben's Helmets June 21, 2006
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