Motorola comercial
Hello, Moto!
by DeeDee, the junkie April 23, 2004
hello bob how are you?
by Anonymous November 06, 2003
said when watching porno
hello, sexy ladies.
by josh wright February 05, 2004
What you say if you wish to get zapped by lightning. (Refer to Avvy, an old PC game...)
"Hello." *ZAP*
by guh? March 03, 2003
hell - o , the reaction when you walk into hell
o this is hell - O!
by Bumblebee December 14, 2002
a greeting
"Hello! If you don't know what 'hello' means, you are metally unstable **wink** have a nice day."
by Santa November 19, 2002
Yes or Right!
do you want to drink some beer? HELLO!
by KB April 30, 2003

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