The state of being tired or lazy. Empasized when said with a low (a lot of bass) voice. Coined when Calvin Sadhu would always answer his cel phone in that voice.
I did hella things today, im freakin hello.
by ssftable September 29, 2003
why are you even looking up this word?? means hi. just look up hi..if your that stupid? your a weirdo for even looking this up. then again, i have so much free time that at am writing this in the urban dictionary. we are both lozerz...JOIN THE CLUB!
hello...i am a lozer and so are you!
by GEBrox April 07, 2011
What you say when someone is being sort of ask hello?
It's pouring rain outside and you are going to mow the lawn? Hello?
by Cherrie June 24, 2005
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