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The easiest, and first program any newbie would write. Applies for any language. Also what you would see in the first chapter of most programming books.
programming noob: Hey I just attended my first programming lesson earlier!
.NET Veteran: Oh? What can you do?
programming noob: I could make a dialog box pop up which says "Hello World!" !!!
.NET Veteran: lmao.. hey guys! look.. check out this "hello world" programmer

Console.WriteLine("Hello World")
by The Black Jack October 26, 2006
A common program written to demostrate the syntax of a programming language.
// Hello World In Java!
class HelloWorld()
public static void main(String args)
System.out.println("Hello world");
by peterson June 18, 2004
First phrase we learn in CS 101 to print in a computer software program.
She just created her first "hello world" program.
by buritob January 16, 2011
A typical sample programming application that once written, demonstrates complete mastery of choice language, particularly in subclassing and, of course, database API's.
Dude, I spent 6 months developing this AI-based 3-tier search engine for this meeting, and Jon shows up with another great "Hello World" program and blows my ass away. Again.
by 3 January 23, 2004
First program a programmer normally writes.
#include <stdio.h>

int main()
printf("Hello World\n");

return 0;
by Eric's Mom's Lover June 18, 2004
Computer Programming: The first program that a programmer writes in a language he is learning. Typically, the program simply opens a window that says "Hello World." The simplicity of the program makes it ideal for use as a comparison between different programming languages.
As a first step in learning Perl, create a "Hello World" application.
by Kluekozyte January 22, 2004
The first program a programmer writes of a given language is usually written to print out the phrase "hello world" to test basic skills.

function Hello() {
echo ("Hello World!/n");

for ($i; $i=10; $i++) {

by Thrash January 24, 2004