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as in the being of being the that
of an is for the an but to why is that is is is a end of ........ gratitfur.....yes I will not kil ouye
for thine only for as if it is a and being to the arse hole for the and but to why andf isf forf shnorfed...
IO Expared more strings args 6549898984654354654654654.oa
by 3 August 31, 2003
0mg t3h t3xt1cl3 0n t3h s1d3 t3w t3h l3f7 0v t3h r1gh7 nu7?
0mg d00d j00v3 b34n pwnt3d.....l1ckz0r my l3f7 nu7?
by 3 December 09, 2004
A typical sample programming application that once written, demonstrates complete mastery of choice language, particularly in subclassing and, of course, database API's.
Dude, I spent 6 months developing this AI-based 3-tier search engine for this meeting, and Jon shows up with another great "Hello World" program and blows my ass away. Again.
by 3 January 23, 2004
A Negro
Black Ralph!
by 3 September 13, 2003

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