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Among other usages of this word, if someone is being a real idiot, it can be used after you prove them wrong/make them look like a fool/pwn them.
Idiot: 2+2=5
Anybody else: No, 2+2=4. Learn some math. Kthx.
by Thrash January 24, 2004
1) A way to symbolize someone acting/typing like a n00b.
2) A mispelling. (Accidental.)
3) A mispelling. (Purposeful and for effect.)
4) A last name.
5) An aliteration to an Adult Swim t-shirt.
I met this guy one day who went and told me "WHERE IS TEH BUS STOP??~???!!!111" (1) but then I told him that he sounded really stupid and that teh (2) bus stop is over there with teh store (3, I guess). He said "THANK YOU MR. TEH (4), CUS ANIME IS TEH S UCK (5).
by Thrash January 24, 2004
The first program a programmer writes of a given language is usually written to print out the phrase "hello world" to test basic skills.

function Hello() {
echo ("Hello World!/n");

for ($i; $i=10; $i++) {

by Thrash January 24, 2004

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