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walkin' around, usually in shorts, without underwear on. often sung along with, and popularized by, the tom petty song 'free falling'
The stank, nasty fart left skidmarks; now he's free balling.
by stiger April 19, 2003
used to describe a harsh toke of a situation or thing
that test was hellish dude
by stiger April 19, 2003
noun--a stylin', kickass, sweet, or otherwise cool pair of shoes or other items.
yeah man, where did you get those badboys?
by stiger April 19, 2003
stud, hot guy
look at that stiger, he's makin' my pussy wet
by stiger April 19, 2003
shitty, worthless, unworthy, bunk, crapola, lame, etc.
"damn bro, these headphones are shitride"
by stiger April 19, 2003
1. communist
2. a marlboro cigarette
1. look at all those reds in line for toiletpaper
2. give me a red for one of these camels biatch
by stiger April 20, 2003
nasty or unbearable, originating from the pot smoking community
that was a harsh toke of a cliff i just jumped bro
by stiger April 19, 2003

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