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Scots = Head
is also incorrectly spelled heed. swede,noggin,napper,are other examples.
a Glesga kiss is when someone sticks the heid on ye!
by william the wallace March 16, 2006
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Short for Heidi- a nickname
What's going on, Heid?
by TGCrazy February 02, 2010
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the act of taking cover under some obstacle while peeping
the peeping heid was really creepy
by the peeping heid - the real og September 28, 2009
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heids is a person who loves to take little children hostage during daytime. a heids will usually hold 10-15 children at a time to play "games" with them. a heids will also usually have red curly hair enjoys drinking citris and pomigrant sky vodkas
"wow look at that creepy old heids playing with that kids"
"only a heids would drink that"
by sharna and hayley April 25, 2007
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