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fat conceited girl, thinks she's all that
- thinks she's the hottest shit around
- Damn, that Bessy baby is such a heffer

-i know man she's so conceited and thinks she's so hot with her sparkly purse and tight jeans
by HereNthere November 01, 2009
41 43
Being compared to Hugh Hefner. A playboy man able to have a woman at any time and/or many women at the same time. Charms ladies with his personality or money, but is not always an attractive guy.
"Dude, I totally scored with two hot chicks last night."
"That's awesome! Man, you are such the heffer."
by information station February 07, 2012
1 4
Gangster and/or druggie.
Look at her run.

Yep, shes a fast little heffer.
by Orange swirl smoothie October 24, 2009
4 7
someone who is very fat
that girl is one hell of a heffer!
by katie December 16, 2004
48 52
Old fisherman or old person.
That Heffer just smiled at me.
by Phail and Dan September 14, 2008
5 10
people that make you angry:(
a way to say hi to people
use in place of the word friend
when someone does something rude
Those girls in room 233 and 235 are heffers!
Hey little heff!
That was a heffer move!
by Bomquiqui April 30, 2009
7 13
1.teen-age cow
2.cow on rockos modern life
3. an exceptionally large, nasty beast of a person typically a girl.
i only date skinny chicks and darla is a heffer, no thanks.
by Trish the Dish March 09, 2004
36 49