a baby cow
a person who eats a lot will turn into a heffer

Jack: "dang im hungery"
Kelly: "dang heffer!"

"dang that girl be stuff her face, dang she a heffer"
by britkneee December 17, 2005
1. A huge fat chick.
2. Jessica. also see jelly rolls, obese, fatso, big mama, etc. etc.
by Miss RUDE as Hell August 31, 2005
A fat girl that is befriended only for the purposes of using her to get to her hott friendss
Hey You Fat Disgutsting Heffer how about you invite ur hot friends over so i can pick them up while you lik my ass
by A Person That Knows One May 15, 2006
An annoying fellow friend that gives you a pet peeve!
Jill !!! why you putting for stank feet on my bread.... You heffer!!
by Joh Nathaniel minus "iel" February 28, 2006
a fat
you heffer go eat a heffer
by hi August 19, 2003
Sarah* Callender
"guyzzzzzz im sucha heffer"
by Suck me now May 24, 2004
its when a person says he will never do something, and when none of his boys are around he does it.
"man i'll never sleep wit a fat bitch"
and then his boy later catches him fucking a fat bitch in a bush or something that means he's a hefer or hefing ass nigga.
by T dub444 May 19, 2005

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