A bro of Hebrew origins, usually involved in Jewish Greek life, ex. AEPi.
Hebro 1: Hey bro, you going to the kegger at Delta Lamda tonight?
Hebro 2: You know it bro. Shits gonna be off the hook! (High fives)
Hebro 1: Alright. Well lets pregame during Shabbat dinner at Hillel.
by hipsterjew October 17, 2010
Top Definition
Something you can call your Jewish friend/bro.
What's up hebro?
by deathwish124 May 20, 2009
A Jewish bro
-Sup Hebro
-Not much, Hebro. Want to go crash Itzhak's Bar-Mitzva party?
-You know it!
by The Dudemeister1 January 05, 2011
abbreviation for "(my) hebrew brother" used when addressing a male homey of hebrew extraction. salutation for a male friend who is of the jewish faith/community.
person 1: "shalom my man!"

person 2: what up hebro?
by lober June 11, 2009
hebro or hebros is short for hebrew brother(s). often used to refer to a fellow jew or group of fellow jews
i'm going to go hang out with my hebros
by andytheg June 30, 2005
The hairstyle naturally assumed by the kinky hair of certain people of Jewish extraction.
That Dustin Diamond has the biggest hebro I've ever seen.
by Jim May 30, 2004
Black Jews. Combination of "Hebrew" and "bro"
Josh is a Hebro.
by Cyber Ghost March 10, 2004
A male friend of Jewish decent or belief.
My main Hebro Isaac couldn't make it to the party cause he had to go to temple for Shabbas.
by Rail Gin May 20, 2013
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