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combination of celebrate and celibate. celebrating being celibate. an ironic/sarcastic way of saying you have not had sex in a long time. way of saying you feel like getting a buzz on so you can forget you haven't had sex in a long time.
person 1: "i haven't been laid in so long that i feel like i should celibrate."

person 2: "yeah, let's go get a bottle and celibrate proper!"
by lober June 13, 2009
abbreviation for "(my) hebrew brother" used when addressing a male homey of hebrew extraction. salutation for a male friend who is of the jewish faith/community.
person 1: "shalom my man!"

person 2: what up hebro?
by lober June 11, 2009
someone who is chronically caught up in some intellectual problem or another. a cerebral person. a person that makes full use of their frontal lobes. a very smart person who may at times become oblivious to their physical self, and or surroundings because they are so caught up in thinking about mentally challenging concepts or puzzles.
person 1: i see jaques put his shoes on the wrong feet again.

person 2: yeah he's been so caught up in figuring out the unified field theory, it's surprising he remembers to eat.

person 1: what a lober
by lober June 11, 2009
a sensation of dizziness, and/or confusion, a disoriented state of mind, caused by drinking too much beer. sometimes accompanied by short term amnesia caused by the same thing. combination of beer and vertigo.
person 1: "dude, you crashed the sorority party, took off all your clothes, danced like a crazed monkey, sang a few lines from "don't cry for me argentina" then fell flat on your face and passed out!"

person 2: "i have no recollection of those events; sounds like i had a severe case of beertigo."
by lober June 15, 2009
short for dogmatic reflex which is the automatic, unreasonable, negative reaction some people have to new ideas, behavior, or gadgets. it is the result of dogma being the lifelong basis of how one views the world.

when people automatically reject new things, or ideas as too difficult, too mysterious, or just plain wrong because of pre-conceived ideas based on dogma.

closed minded
person 1: "i tried to show my mom how to use the computer to look stuff up, but she wouldn't even try. she said "oh, i can't do that!" and walked away"

person 2: "sounds like serious dogflex dude"
by lober June 11, 2009
"star wars" reference regarding someone who attends a pop culture conference such as "comic-con' and exits with a lot of loot. (t-shirts, posters, hats, cd's, etc) someone who scores lots of free stuff at a sci-fi/fantasy conference or similar pop culture nerd-fest.
"man i got so much (loot) free stuff at comic-con yesterday i feel like loot skywalker!"
by lober July 10, 2009
any event/function/conference that attracts crowds of nerds or inspires lots of nerds to attend it's functions. things that appeal to nerds and causes them to gather in great numbers, such as: a sci-fi/fantasy movie premiere(e.g. "star wars", "transformers", "harry potter") or a conference based on popular nerd fare such as: "star trek" conference, or "comic-con", "macworld"(or any computer confab)"anime festival"(cosplay), etc. any event which causes large numbers of nerds to leave their parents' basements and their computers and go out in public in large numbers
person1: "man, i went to an early matinee of transformers, hoping to avoid the nerd fest, but no such luck."
prson2: "yeah, i went to the macworld conference last year; what a huge nerd fest!"
by lober July 11, 2009
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