a gun usualy a .45 colt 1911 a popular handgun of the 1930's
"Tommy make sure you pack a heater for this job."
by .911.AZBDC December 29, 2007
a gun, any kind of gun, due to shots going off, the gun tends to get hot, so they call it a heater caz you put it in your pants when u done
yo i know this nigga that brought out his heater and shot 2 shots up in the air
by Amro June 08, 2005
when a woman holds her mouth on a guys crotch with his pants on and blows hot air into them and warms up his dick
"man, i love it when my girl feels awnry and she teases me with a heater"!
by the naked nuker August 30, 2009
A gun.
Any kind of gun.

It's called a Heater, Because when you pop shots off, You're attracting unwanted attention from the police. As such, The situation is getting "Heaty" due to the sound coming from the "Heater"
"Nine millimeter heater stashed in two-seaters"

- Eminem.
by ChillerTheBabyKiller April 22, 2005
la pistola aka pistol. you call it that cuz you got sumthin hot for them.
"say fool, you gotcher heater on you?"

"dont leave home with out it"
by who dat January 08, 2005
Someone who is really horny or always in heat.
That heater can't stop thinking about sex.
by erotic_ah July 12, 2008
A ciggarette
Hey can I bum a heater
by Jesse October 29, 2003

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