to do a legendary burn out in you car. Preferably rear wheel drive!!
he did a heater in his new viper
by jesse baker January 25, 2007
To post something incredibly old that literally EVERYBODY who has had a moment's worth of internet access in the past 10 has seen a dozen times.
Dude, you totally pulled a Heater when you sent that link to the drivers lisence database joke.
by Industry Leech October 02, 2006
When your coffee is getting cold or low, and you only want a little more in your cup.... you need a heater.
Coffee anyone?

"I could use a heater."
by BeanHead May 21, 2006
head, dome, brainz.
"Your mama gave me a heater last night, biotch!!!"
by HONKEY LOC November 24, 2003
To take take a shit in a form of a big log
I just layed out a heater
by Domo June 06, 2005
Noun-- A hot woman who dresses too young for her age.
Did you see how short Joe's mother's skirt was? It looked good, but she's a heater!
by Neiman Marcus Red October 08, 2004
a song that u like
tha 50 album iz all heaters.
i got a heater 4 u right here, take the headphones.
u heard that 1 State P heater on KMEL?
by YoungCali August 27, 2003
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