Like a banger only deeper!
That new Tchami song is such a heater.
Yea I know right its so deep I need a submarine.
by estevez17 February 18, 2015
When playing beer pong and making two shots in a row, a.k.a "heating up"
Alan: Holy shit Briana you just made two shots in a row!
Briana: HEEEEEEAAATERS (heaters) *raises hands up and shrugs shoulders*
by Mr. Ragerrrrrrrrr July 25, 2011
A firearm- Usually a handgun or revolver. This term came from the 30's mafia/gangster times. When continually fired, the barrel would get very warm- hence the name heater.
"Before we go out tonight, do you got your heater?"
Don't mess with her, she's got a heater.
by g-dog adt March 11, 2011
slang term for a fastball.
The pitcher struck him out with a heater.
by Chairman November 06, 2003
slang for cigarette; term mostly used in minnesota
got a heater?, lets go play hockey!!!
by Smokey February 27, 2005
A gun, not always loaded, typically a 9mm hand gun. Used if loaded to shoot(DUH) Unloaded good for a bluff.
Dally: We can't walk alone at all. I started carrying a heater...

Ponyboy: Dally! You kill people with heaters!

Dally: You kill 'em with swtichblades too don't ya kid? Don't worry it ain't loaded. I ain't aimin' to get picked up for murder. But it sure does help a bluff.
by Littlexxpuppet January 03, 2011
A punch thrown with a high amount of force. A very damaging punch when connected.
Damn, back in the day, George Foreman use to throw them heaters.
by bigchriss May 24, 2014
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