When it feels like your heart has been ripped out droped kicked then had a full rugby team jumping up and down on it.
What happened to me and i tell you it hurts like you have no idea.
by Oliver December 26, 2004
the act of which your heart has been crushed to bits and peices by a person.
Girl: I dont know how to say this but I love you
Guy: I'm sorry I dont feel the same. your my really good friend but... I dont love you like that

*Guy goes and asks your friend out and your friend says yes*
by Saba December 05, 2004
When a girl/guy takes the heart you fully gave them, raise it high and drop it many repeated times.
What someone did to ME
by Ash Pee September 09, 2003
The feeling you get after you realise there is no real love in the world... at least not for you anywayz
I was heartbroken after i found out he was only using me...
by mysterious_writa September 25, 2004
the worst feeling ull ever feel, happens whenever u love someone and they reject u
I have been heartbroken by, as my friend calls her, the princess
by Stanley West November 30, 2005
its the worst feeling ever, its when all you do is think about a person who you love and had but left you. it does not matter how hard you try to forget them...they stray right back into your thoughts. fuck sleep, fuck food, fuck peace they cloud your mind 24/7 and it sucks

You easily learn how to fake smiles and pretend you are fine because people who don't know how it feels never give good advice

don't get heart broken...there is no way to fix it except time...and time goes even slower than ever when you are missing the one person you love
She left me and I am heart broken, now I am fighting to stay sane.
by Broken in pieces August 26, 2007
when you cannot attain the person you most desire, again.
im so heart broken. im always second best in his eyes.
by kels246810 December 17, 2005
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