This is your physical and mental state when you have lost someone you love for whatever reason--maybe because they cheated, maybe because they moved away, maybe because the timing isn't right. It hurts so bad, so deep down inside that you actually feel a sharp, constricting pain right in the area of your heart, causing you to wonder if you might be having a heart attack. You kind of hope you're having one because you'll soon be unconscious and won't be able to feel the pain anymore. You soon realize you are not having a heart attack, so you cry as hard as possible and breathing becomes something more like gasping for air. You ask yourself WHY? over and over again and never have an answer. You wonder when you will ever get over this and think maybe you never will. You doubt there will ever be anyone in your life ever again who could replace this person you have lost.
I was so heartbroken I crawled into a cave and didn't talk to anyone for weeks.
by jushiburuberi March 30, 2010
THE worst feeling in the world. Nothing matches up to the feeling of saddness that overwhelms you when you're heartbroken. Every know and then you get the feeling of crying. Even when you get past the crying phase, you still get the feeling of crying but you don't cry. You just bleed in the inside.

If you get heartbroken, you shouldn't be friends with her/him when they get another lover because it will just drive you insane, make you want to do stupid things, and gives you the feeling of anger but mostly saddness.

The worst part is that it never leaves you. When a girl or guy breaks your heart, it stays broken until many months afterwards.
I just caught my girl doing it with another guy, now I'm heartbroken because I loved her and i thought she loved me.

Friend:Why are you smoking crack?

Guy:Because my girlfriend broke my heart and crack is the only thing that makes me happy right now.
by kgwloe March 12, 2009
when your heart is broken. Commonly the biproduct of "love". I put the quotes there because love is pretty much infatuation nowdays.that song, "Hold on loosley, but dont let go" should help you avoid this
my heart broke so i must make a trip to the store to buy a new one. Or, i also have this handy repair kit.
by _Cory_ June 07, 2005
When you're heart is ripped out and shattered by a boy you once loved.
I was left heartbroken on Thanksgiving when buttface broke up with me.
by SAMANTHA shocker November 24, 2007
Heartbroken- When a guy ganks your heart from you chest and drop kicks it in a garbage can
by Margot October 27, 2003
The result of finding out your boyfriend had unprotected sex with his ex girlfriend whilst you were on holiday, and she is now pregnant
Heart Broken = suicidal devestated hate love
by emily_laura September 04, 2005
When someone you love doesn't love you back or when some guy "falls" for someone else. It's when you get rejected by your love. It's when you have the huge pain in your chest that just want to come out and show the world you're hurting but you don't want to seem weak. It's when our loved one doesn't know how we feel and you're just keeping it inside. It's when you've said those three words and so did he and he promised you forever, and you never thought about asking how long is forever, and now he's gone.
I said those special 3 words for the first time in my life to this guy. He promised to be there forever, he promised this would last forever. Me, living in the moment, believed him. Later on, he dumped me. He accused me of liking someone else and that he was over me. He didn't love me anymore. I don't think he ever did, because love doesn't go away like that. Two months later, he starts seeing my best friend. Betrayed and heartbroken.
by tennis_wherelovemeansnothing April 27, 2009

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