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A feeling of enormious pain that is more then anything imaginable. It cannot be cured by medicine, or treated by anything but time. For those that know this feeling too well, it is not a physical pain that can be described, but soemething deep inside. Breathing gets hard, eating becomes tasteless, and love, well, what is love anymore. You forget. Yet you remember, remember how to love, and who you love - which makes it hurt so bad. Let it go people say, but how can you. Feelings are feelings, and you love who you love. Heartbrakes occur most when you love someone you are not suppose to.
I love him, and I thought he loves me. He protected me, and I guided him. Unfortunatley, it was all a fantasy. Reality stuck for me to see, he was simply playing with me. He might have had feelings for me, I don't know. It's still hard to let him go, I still want to see him from time to time - but the hurt inside will always remind me of that day. When he cheated on me, and lied to me in so many ways. Hurting me, more then words can say. Playing me, cheating on me, dating my friend, I was betrayed. Heartbroken.
by Heartbroken101 September 15, 2006

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