When 2 people have told each other that they love each other. Only 6 months later to have one of the two say that he/she doesn't have the same feelings as before and doesn't wish to keep that relationship any more.
"But I love you.."
"I'll always love you as well... just not in the same way..."
"You mean as a friend?"
by ~+Chaos Akroma+~ July 22, 2005
The worst feeling in the world. Its what makes people want to kill themselves, and makes others rise to the occasion
Damn Im heartbroken over what she did to me.
by Cripwalkin October 21, 2005
When you love someone and finally tell them and find out that they don't feel the same way and you feel like crying and you hate your life and you don't want to live anymore. You think about them all the time, even for long after they tell you what they think.
Worst case scenario: You are best friends with the person and you tell them and then they begin to say things about you to their other friends which, of course, reach you eventually and they start to think you're weird. Then the person stops talking to you and you may say something to them that expresses how much you care about them which they take the wrong way and become angry and your friendship with them ends and then you feel as though you've lost everything and nothing could possibly make it worse.
You feel like you can't live without them, but there's nothing you can do to save yourself. They are the only one that can save you, and, of course, they won't.
You sit next to the person that you like, but doesn't like you in class because you have to and you just can't take it and start crying and run away. That's when you know you're heartbroken.

If someone commits suicide because of a girl/guy, they were heartbroken.

If you can't get over someone who doesn't like you, you are heartbroken.
by JimME March 01, 2008
When you love someone so much that you do everything in your power to make them happy. They seem really nice and sweet at first, but they eventually grow dissatisfied with you despite everything you've done for them. To make matters worse, they pretend to be nice to you but talk shit behind your back. You won't be mad or angry, but you'll be hurt. You won't even have the heart to call them an A-hole or a jerk. Instead, you'll blame everything on yourself even if it's not your fault. It's a horrible feeling and you'll lose your appetite and cry your heart out. You'll feel like you'll never be okay. It's a feeling of emptiness and you'll ask yourself why you ever fell in love with him.
Girl: I've liked you for two years and I've been wanting to tell you this for a long time now.
Guy: Okay, I'll give you a chance.

*3 months later*
Guy: Go away! You're annoying and stupid. I never wanted to give you a chance. I only gave you a chance so I won't have to look like a jerk in front of everyone else.
Girl (heart broken): I did all I could to make you happy..
by Unikorns March 19, 2008
When that one guy, who you held so dear, breaks your heart. Your heart falls into your stomach and feel as if its going to come out of your mouth; you feel as if nothing will ever be the same and how you could just go back in time and correct things. But you can't. And you will get over it, it just takes time. A lot of time and ice cream.
I was heartbroken when he told me that he still had feelings for his ex and was just using me to get over her.
by ahh it's lily March 12, 2008
When you once felt such strong feelings for someone, and then at some point they break your heart. All those feelings go away and turn into dissapointment and sadness. Feeling like no matter what you do something is missing from your life, and you sometimes want to cry and just let out everything thats hurting you.
You and yuor boyfriend have been dating for 9 months, things start to seem different and then one night, he tells you that he thinks you should just be friends. You heart fills with pain, and hurt. You are heart broken.
by OKF April 01, 2007
When everything you know and rely on is torn apart, because everything you believe in is love, understanding, and a mystery feeling you can't describe. Then one day you find a happiness that makes you...well you can't describe it. Then you realize it's love for a person you never counted on falling for which makes it the first love. You've loved before but not like this. Yet, that person doesn't love you that way, and you can't not have them in your life so you watch from the side lines as they date wrong person after wrong person. Still you love them, and day after day you watch as your heart is crushed leaving you a wreck of a person still clinging to hope. You still believe that one day they'll come around, but you and everyone else knows that not true. But you believing still is what causes the most pain.
Duckie from Pretty in Pink ends up heartbroken and left at Prom.

by m.r. darcy March 10, 2009

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