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hernia, large tumor usually hangs from genitals.
hey pick up your hearne ur dragging it on the floor.
by schmexxy123 August 21, 2008
The word hearne is a colloquial term with many different meanings. It is often used the same as the Mafia use "forget about it"

To hearne:
1. To act in a conspicious manner.
2. To desire young boys.
3. To be perverse.
4. Can mean "Hello", or simply hearne, swearne hearne.

1. A very bad man.
Person 1: "hearne"
Person 2: "hello, good day to you too"

Person 1: "Swedish hearne?"
Person 2: "No thank you."

Person 1: "Just like the hearne would do!"
Person 2: "Exactly what the hearne would do!!"
by Little Robbie March 07, 2006