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The word hearne is a colloquial term with many different meanings. It is often used the same as the Mafia use "forget about it"

To hearne:
1. To act in a conspicious manner.
2. To desire young boys.
3. To be perverse.
4. Can mean "Hello", or simply hearne, swearne hearne.

1. A very bad man.
Person 1: "hearne"
Person 2: "hello, good day to you too"

Person 1: "Swedish hearne?"
Person 2: "No thank you."

Person 1: "Just like the hearne would do!"
Person 2: "Exactly what the hearne would do!!"
by Little Robbie March 07, 2006
hernia, large tumor usually hangs from genitals.
hey pick up your hearne ur dragging it on the floor.
by schmexxy123 August 21, 2008