The place where they train the future Evil rulers of the world.

They know what pi is. They just won't tell us.

They can talk to sheep.
Lex Luthor graduated from Regis High School.
by 748596 May 09, 2006
The secret society of the world's future.

They know where Waldo is hiding.
Regis High School is legit.
by RAWR...IAMADINOSAUR May 10, 2010
A very poor, holy, brainwashing facility that destroys student's social lives. It is a school that consists of many stuck up individuals and upperclassmen who are still part of the Girl Scout program. The students who attend this school most likely have no social future and will experience major karma in their college lives. The students spread many rumors about innocents just for their individual pleasure... overall this school is every normal teenagers biggest nightmare.
by Liza W. jimbob January 15, 2013
A school on the Upper East Side that prides themselves on an immense workload, resulting in their students having little social lives. Such makes Regis boys misbelieve that they will be successful because of it. The students themselves, for the most part, are pretentious and socially-awkward.
1. Thank God I'm not a Regis boy.

2. "You applied to Regis High School? WHY?!? That school sucks, go to a better private school, like Dalton or Xavier or Collegiate."
by missamerica47 April 10, 2011

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