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Trojans and

Notice the word VISTA going down the left side
See BSOD for an example of Vista.
by MichaelR August 07, 2006
Surpassing XP, Vista will be the world's largest and most powerful computer virus. It's Codename is Longhorn, and it is manufactured by the Beast of Redmond aka Microsoft. It will try to lure people in to buying the overly priced piece of shit by stealing transparancy ideas from Mac OSX and making secure command lines similar to Linux. It will only work with certain "security enabled" monitors, so most home users will have to upgrade (again) and some notebook users will be fucked. I have a AMD 64 3200+ with 2 gigs of ram and an 80 gb HDD and I am still running Win2k, although Debian is my main weapon of choice. Vista is already undergoing numerous trademark lawsuits, and it will be replacing NTFS with WinFS, which means support for the FAT's may decline.
late 2006/ early 2007
Me: What's that cd you haave there?
noob: Windows Vista.
Me: What is your primary computer use?
noob: h4xorng!!!!!!!!!!! and web surfing. t3h 1337.
Me: *breaks CD*. You will be fine with this. *Hands him win3.11 cd.
noob: N0!!!!!!!!!!!
by DavidLeeRoth July 29, 2005
1) Microsoft's latest - and perhaps last - major operating system upgrade (unless you count its legendary "service packs" as upgrades)

2) A not so clever copy of Apple Mac's operating system

3) The latest evidence that Bill Gates is losing his grip on sanity

4) A bizarre suicidal move that may be recalled by future generations as "Hasta la Vista, Microsoft"

1) To self-destruct

2) To copy another software program
The Seattle Mafia may celebrate Vista, but most people around the world regard it as a mechanical version of George W. Bush.

Bill Gates: Shall we Vista another Mac program, or shall we try our hand at innovation this time around?
by David Blomstrom March 03, 2007
OSX but with windows logos, and will crash all of the time.""
"Have you seen the new Windows os vista?"
"Yeah, I got mac osx"
by Anonymous Passenger January 11, 2006
The name of the new Windows Operative System. Windows Vista aka Longhorn (working title).
When is the new windows comming out?

- Microsoft will release Vista in the end of 2006.
by $ The Dude $ July 30, 2005
Visualize Windows XP, a perfectly fine if occasionally clunky OS. Now make it eat three times as much system resources, have stupidly high system requirements, and because that's not shitty enough throw in a Big Brother DRM scheme that's guaranteed to fuck over anyone who isnt a hardware geek. And verily, you have experienced the binary turd better known as Windows Vista.
It costs $300 and doesn't really offer anything that XP doesnt. Is it any wonder people arent jumping on the Vista bandwagon?
by C++ April 28, 2007
The name of the upcoming version of the Microsoft Windows OS.
"Windows Vista". Did you know that Vista, in Lithuanian, means 'chicken'?
by yo-what-is-up-my-dawg July 24, 2005
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