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Verb: The action of passing out at the office.
Nick: Dude, that meeting was brutal...
Mark: Oh man, I know, I totally headdesked an hour into it.
Nick: yeah, the partner saw you, too. good thing he almost headdesked or you'd be busted.
by Inappropriate English Major September 22, 2008
the act of banging one's head on a desk repeatedly.
that was lame. *headdesk*
by e February 05, 2005
Slamming the forehead against the desk surface or keyboard repeatedly. Often followed by cursing at the monitor.
"Dammit, I give up!" *headdesk*
by FahrmBoy October 21, 2003
when your head and a desk meet
ouch i just headdesked that desk
by dillmypeen March 14, 2006