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1) The act of head butting a desk/keyboard in frustration when something on the computer freezes/takes forever to load up/generally buggers up.

2) Also done in response to a person making a stupid comment.

3) Can be done when a person sneezes and throws their heads forward onto the desk... it has been done before *whistles innocently*

Also realted to facepalm
1) Person A: I think I will go play Tetris!"
*begins to play game*
*Person A is 1 point away from beating their high score*
*computer crashes*
Person A: "WHAT!? NO! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME! WHY!?" *headdesk*

2) Person B: "Oh My God. It's stopped raining!"
Person C: *headdesk* "It stopped raining 30 minutes ago you idiot!"

3) Person C: "I think I'm going to sneeze"
*Person C sneezes and throws head forward*
*head connects with desk*
by hufwegufgweuygweugfuwegufweg June 18, 2009

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