Refered to by the Marine Corps./Navy as the bathroom.
I need to go to the head to pinch one off, Staff Sergent.
by ctoed November 13, 2005
people; niggas; crackas, general term for a group of people
heads were over at ja's house for a party
by MDP March 06, 2003
1. (noun) Term originating during the late 1960s for members of drug subculture. Can refer to any sort of user, but was originally most associated with the use of psychotropic substances like mescaline, LSD and DMT.

2. (interjection) Backstage jargon: When something is accidentally dropped from the lighting grid/fly loft, a shout of "HEADS!" alerts crew working below. Like shouting "fore" in golf--except with a 30 lb. spotlight instead of a 6 oz. golfball.
1. Stoner 1: Hey, do you think the that old guy who sells bootleg CDs down at the flea market could hook us up?

Stoner 2: Oh yeah, he's a total old-school head!

2. HEADS! *loud crash*
by We'll sleep when we're dead. December 28, 2005
when a girl or boy sucks a man's dick
Abdi: what did u do last night?
Ashley: i gave head to billy
by billybob316 July 10, 2008
Blow job
I need to get some head
by da_preach August 23, 2003
the act of giving or receiving oral sex
damn baby, you give the best head evaa
by heathaa June 11, 2005
Fucking Fun!
The art of oral sex-a simple and easy way to incapacitate a man so that all he can do is moan! The act of swallowing his cum is also regarded as very sexy.
She gave him head and enjoyed every minute. So did he.
by Crooked_Llama April 27, 2007
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