The greatest thing ever!
Did I ever tell you about the worst head I ever got... yeah it was awesome.
by Cole Richards November 30, 2005
sucking of a penis, basically making out with a penis
after we had sex, she gave me head
by jalen March 30, 2005
Sucking on a man or womans head.
Megan gave Simon head.
by AAAAAAA December 15, 2004
a cool person, a user you can trust
"That guy's an old Head, he's been around a long time and he's totally cool. Look's like he's headed down to the head shop."
by deebugg June 03, 2008
-Noun- Something that you can smoke only if you have a visor-haircut.
Zune:"I smoke yo head mang"
by Wong Wei March 03, 2008
The thing connected to your neck allowing speech, sight, sound, and smell.
in any other sense it would be a BLOWJOB > sucking diiickk,receiving head from a skank who admits openly of enjoying this sort of practice
put name here enjoys giving blowjobs and or giving head
what a cum guzzling sluttttttttttttttttttttt ! I KNEW IT ALL ALONG
by SGT.PLOW February 01, 2008
1) the act of getting or giving a blowjob
2) the act of repeatedly sitting on a unicorns head (if you're a chick, otherwise you're probably gay, in which case thinking about unicorns is perfectly...normal?)
1) Yea I was pretty drunk, but she still gave good head
2) I heard head was pretty painful, and causes internal bleeding.
by Hextacy October 20, 2006
toilet bowl, (as in commode)
I gotta hit the head.
by harleydd June 02, 2005
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