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A loving person who cares about others. Gets along with people as irrtating as they may be. Is a romantic and loves to use sweet words towards her lover;that person is very lucky as well. Truthful with friends and always an optimistic thinker. Outgoing and one of a kind. Lover not fighter but will do whatever it takes to set things right. May be small but has the hugest of hearts. May be the best person to ever get to know. Knows what she wants and does what she can to get it. Mysterious and charming. Can't be fooled. Will always be by your side. Help her find happiness;she will cherish you forever. Gets over guys fast but is a sucker for love. She is a person that needs to be figured out but be careful you might fall in love doing so.
"you know xiomara can always be counted on."
by Jennymar July 17, 2009
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She is beautiful and has a great smile. When she's around you can't help,but smile.She's really shy,but once you meet her she's funny and fun to be around. She's one of a kind,and extremely easy to fall in love with.
That girl is so fun to be around,her name must be Xiomara.
by LH1999 January 06, 2015
She's a nasty ass bitch that loves to have sex every once in a while. You can't trust her because she will go all around and say nasty shit about you. She's fake.
Don't catch the Xiomara.
by Wassup b July 25, 2014
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