Attractive coworker that owns clear furniture and/or clothing items for their hipness.
HC is so damn hot in the clear dress!
by freeninjalessons May 02, 2008
an abreviation for hairy chest
WOW that guy had such an HC you can see it even when he is wearing a turtle neck
by nnnnf April 09, 2007
Short way of saying Holy Crap
Jim: Hey, can you pick us up tonight?
Jack: Sure, what time?
Jim: 2:30 AM
Jack: hc

Godzilla: Raaaaaaaawr
by girrrtacos November 16, 2006
Hardcore / Hard Core. This can be used in many situations. Hardcore (HC) means that it's hard/difficult/painful or rough.
That test was really HC!
by Keegzor July 15, 2006
means 'Horse Cock'
Theres Bob. He sure has a HC! - 'Hey, HC!!! Get over here and buy me a beer!'
by Stiflers Mom June 03, 2005
word created by a kid from north brunswick meaning hardcore why i do not know
Man that shit is so hc.
by sirfaraz May 21, 2005
A abreviation from the chat game Habbo Hotel. It stands for Habbo Club. When you have Habbo club you can do and have certain things that other can't
I bought HC today!

I've just traded my 70 Ducks for a HC Sofa!
by RFC-Dude March 29, 2006
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