or H.C., Human Control. Time period (including B.C. and A.D.) before advanced machines. Generally defined by the i/o paradigm and the use of Decide. Characterized by inefficiency and phyicality. Similar to Age of Humans, carbondays, UN (Un) or un(times). See smart.
"Communication devices were once thought intelligent, but that was HC."
by Machines January 24, 2012
HC (Hot Cock)

HC (Hot Cock) is a term used to describe an attractive male. Hot being used to describe the attractiveness of the individual and cock being used to denote the sex of the individual. Because of the crudeness of the the term it is more commonly abbreviated to HC.
"Check out the HC sitting at the table over there"
"Cant wait to get me some HC tonight"

The term has evolved spin-offs since inception and now includes the term HV (Hot Vag)
by Magic Madge June 22, 2011
short for homecoming
Kara was excited when the guy she liked asked her to go to HC with her.
by exciteddancer November 08, 2009
an abbreviation for the happy couple
the h.c. is getting married
by howiesunday123 March 23, 2009
Short for hard core.
"Yo shoquesha that party was so HC, people were going crazy."
by Riley Dahl November 01, 2009
HC is an acronym meaning "Hot chick." It can be used virtually anywhere.
Dude I swear, I saw this sweet looking HC the other day and couldn't take my eyes off her.
by ケン August 13, 2009
Holly Cows!

the kind of thing that robin will say to batman on a desesperate situation
"HC BATMAN" = "Holly Cows Batman!"
by martu February 09, 2008

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