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nonsense, lies, deception = bullshit
Baloney, this is not a restful place.
by Light Joker March 26, 2005
254 54
Nonesense, rubbish.
That's a load of baloney!
by dw August 11, 2003
138 34
1. Nonsense, Unbeleiveable.
2. The meat is spelt "Bologna", morons.
You're full of Baloney!
by Saiyara December 29, 2003
93 44
Baloney. A key component in the game, Hide the Baloney. The game is played by a man and a woman in which they try to find places to hide the baloney.
"Lets play hide the baloney!"
by Don August 06, 2004
40 59
Baloney - Misspelling of Bologna
Spelling Bee
Judge- Your word is Bologna
Child- (spells Baloney)
Judge- No stupid, your stupid. What a retard.
by Logan June 18, 2006
47 77
a meat that is good for eating. also a synonym for bullshit
I ate some baloney last night* nice to put on boobs
by the man July 01, 2001
34 69
when a man fucks a girl in happy times
I had balohny last night and it was great
by anonymous April 23, 2003
18 83