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nonsense, lies, deception = bullshit
Baloney, this is not a restful place.
by Light Joker March 26, 2005
Nonesense, rubbish.
That's a load of baloney!
by dw August 11, 2003
1. Nonsense, Unbeleiveable.
2. The meat is spelt "Bologna", morons.
You're full of Baloney!
by Saiyara December 29, 2003
Baloney. A key component in the game, Hide the Baloney. The game is played by a man and a woman in which they try to find places to hide the baloney.
"Lets play hide the baloney!"
by Don August 06, 2004
Baloney - Misspelling of Bologna
Spelling Bee
Judge- Your word is Bologna
Child- (spells Baloney)
Judge- No stupid, your stupid. What a retard.
by Logan June 18, 2006
a meat that is good for eating. also a synonym for bullshit
I ate some baloney last night* nice to put on boobs
by the man July 01, 2001
when a man fucks a girl in happy times
I had balohny last night and it was great
by Anonymous April 23, 2003